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So in this dream... IIII

The sun was blinding my eyes. I was on the top of a big building. I jumped from its roof to a building next to it that was shorter and behind which i could hide from the sun.

But everywhere i went the sun blinded my eyes. Even when i was somewhere that was sheltered from the sun. I saw the shadows and tried to hide but the sun hit me again and again.

I woke up blinded from the sun coming out of the window. It was 9:30 and the only time the sun enters my room in the day.


Parasight said...

Το 4 στα ρωμαϊκά είναι IV, όχι ΙΙΙΙ ρε άμπαλε :p

thepavl said...

amen ra mass I, II, III, IIII

απο εκει το πηρα βρε αταρε!

athanasios said...

Etsi, Amen Ra IIII, ayto mphka na grapsw, ma8e tou mpalitsa