The Crane

In the heart of winter she folds one leg and buries her head beneath a wing, moving not a muscle...

That's what it means to survive on courage alone! Itezuru the frozen crane! That desperate struggle is her beauty!

She doesn't resist. She doesn't complain. She depends only on herself, drawing out her last ounce of strength.

Is that not the way of all who truly follow their hearts...?


A minimalistic masterpiece...

So i'm hanging out in my friend's apartment after a long night out. Listening to Daft Punk and trying to relax I try to find something to pass the time. His sister, an English teacher, gives me a Classroom Test 1a that ten year olds write. After looking at it for a bit just to feel smarter than them i get to the essay.

Writing: Describe your bedroom

has got a tv, a bed, a desk, a werdrobe, a lamp
it's colour is green
the desk is in the next to the bookcase
it's quite dig. The lamp is on the desk
The books is on the desk. The pillow is on the
sofa the computer is on the table. The
bedroom is modern

A minimalistic masterpiece that actually describes a room better than i would describe it. Is it something we are missing in our life? Getting to the point quickly rather than overthinking all the parameters?

And as i sit down and write this, having in me still all the drinks from last night i realise that the room i am in is modern...


O Καφες...


- Αντε ρε! Ακομα να παρεις καφε?

- Δε βλεπεις την ουρα ρε βλακα?

- Τη βλεπω αλλα εισαι τοση ωρα εδώ που αναρωτιεμαι αν αφηνεις τα γκομενακια να σε προσπερνανε!

- Ε αφησα ένα δυο…..

- Θες σαντουιτς?

- Όχι ρε ευχαριστω!

- Γιατι δε πεινας?

- Μπα!

- Αν είναι να πιεις καφε πρεπει να φας κατι όμως!

- Ειπα δε πειναω ρε μαλακα θα με πρηξεις πολύ ακομα?

- Απλα λεω ρε…

- Δε λες! Με πρηζεις και θα σε βαρεσω καμια ωρα! Δε πειναω λεμε!

- Καλα. Πες και έναν σκετο αχτυπητο για εμενα.

- Αχτυπητο? Σιγουρα?

- Ναι ρε!

- Ρε θα τρυπησει το στομαχι σου με κατι τετοια! Ασε που μαλλον δε θα φτιαχνουν τετοιο καφε αυτοι.

- Γιατι να μη φτιαχνουν?

- Ε ξερω’γω? Όλα αυτά τα καινουρια συνηθως δε φτιαχνουν. Το παιζουν υπερανω.

- Α ναι ε? Ε τοτε πες ένα φραπε κανονικο.

- Καλα εισαι μαλακας? Τι σου ειπα τωρα? Ότι δε φτιαχνουν φραπε δε σου ειπα?

- Όχι! Αφου σου ειπα αχτυπητο όχι φραπε!

- Ε το ίδιο είναι ρε!
- Μη λες βλακειες!

- Αφου είναι το ιδιο ρε βλακα!

- Ο ενας είναι αχτυπητος και ο άλλος είναι φραπες. Στα γαλλικα σημαινει χτυπημενος! Αντε ασχετε!

- Ενταξει το καταλαβες ότι αυτό εννοουσα αλλα εισαι βλακας και θες να με συγχυσεις! Ο ΙΔΙΟΣ ΤΥΠΟΣ ΚΑΦΕ ΕΙΝΑΙ!!

- Ρε δε μας χεζεις λεω εγω? Πρωτα λες μαλακιες και μετα τις ριχνεις σε εμενα!

- Τελειωνε τωρα λεγε τι καφε θες!

- Να πανε να γαμηθουνε αν δεν εχουν φραπε!

- Ενταξει αλλα μη με πρηζεις μετα για καφε στο δρομο.

- Εσυ τι θα παρεις?

- Ένα freddo espresso μετριο με γαλα και ένα δυο κουλουρακια.

- Ένα ή δυο κουλουρακια?

- Μαλακα θα φας σφαλιαρα! Ορεξη εχεις?

- Καλα δε σου μιλαω. Πιες τον καφε σου να ξελαμπικαρεις.

- Ένα Freddo Espresso μετριο με γαλα κοπελια.

- Χιλια συγνωμη αλλα εχει χαλασει η μηχανη του καφε! Μηπως να σας φτιαξω καλυτερα εναν φραπε?


So in this dream...

I was sitting in the corner of a building when a girlfriend of mine saw me and came to greet me. She was with another friend and they both had gone shopping. I was very happy to see her. I don't remember the name i gave her in my mind but her form was that of a friend i haven't actually seen in a long time. We started catching up and she confessed that she missed me and wanted to talk.

So we went to have coffee next door in a nice shop. We sat opposite each other but for some reason in different tables. Just as we were about to talk my sister came an sat next to me. I told her that i wanted to be alone with what's her name (honestly i don't remember :P) and she left. Immediately after she left another friend sat beside me. I was getting irritated so i started saying.

"I just want to speak with her! Let me speak with her!" and i started to walk around to her side of the table when the waitress came with my coffee.

She said "Here is your coffee sir! With salt!" and she shoved the salty coffee in my mouth! I drank the coffee and immediately asked to see her manager to complain for my salty coffee. After that i don't remember exactly what went on...




A Brief Moment Of Clarity...

It was friday morning and i was waiting for my coffee. Sitting alone with my bag in my lap i held my head with my hand and watched across the street. Cars were passing by, people were talking all around me but i was still focused on the poster on the wall. And suddenly a violin was playing a tune. It was at that moment that i realized i was there. In that particular moment in time. I felt alive. My mind was empty but my brain was interpreting everything that happened around me. And i felt so sober... So fucking sober...


And just like that... we are back on square one... with a couple of ladders to help along the new way...

Το μόνο πράγμα που μπορεί κάποιος να κάνει λοιπόν είναι να κουνήσει το κεφάλι του να χαμογελάσει και να κάνει υπομονή!

Αντε και καλή αρχή να έχουμε !

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