So in this dream... III

A woman wearing some sort of red Chinese dress with yellow and green flowers asked me "For how long must our drugs last forever?" and then continued with something like "Don't you want to?". This time also i saw a lot of friends. And i entered a building and started going down the stairwell. I wanted to see where one of them had gone. Turns out one of the rooms was a lawyer's office and he was in there. When i tried to get in they threw me out.

The rest of the underground building was a collection of houses and schools. The basement was something scary for some reason. I didn't dare go down there. Something warned me so i don't know exactly what was there.

After all that i found myself on the surface again in a shelter with some people. I was watching a violent storm pounding heavily the city street. People were running trying to find shelter and one of them, a woman, tried to get into our shelter. As she tried to get in the air took all her clothes (!!) and she entered soaking and naked. I brought her a blanket and we talked for a while.

I then found myself in the building again. I tried to jump to get to the basement but i couldn't.

That's it pretty much...

Weird dreams are made of these...

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