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So in this dream... II

I was riding a motorcycle and this yellow FIAT came up behind me. He first signaled me with his headlights to move out of the way. I went as far right as i could but he still didn't go past me. Instead he started bumping into me trying to get me off the road. After a couple of bumps i signaled to him to pull over and only then he went past me and stopped. I walked to his car ready to beat him up.

So this young person comes out and he immediately stops and looks at me weird as if he was afraid of me. I didn't attack him and instead asked him if he knew what he was about to do to me and that i could have been hurt really bad. He didn't answer me he just stood there looking at me with wide eyes.

I am beginning to suspect that our minds have a director and a writer inside them who show us strange things and then have a laugh out of us trying to understand what they mean. I can imagine them right now saying "Oh lets throw Tom cruise in this sequencce just for the fun of it and let him sort it out!" and then laughing uncontrollably.

Anyway i'm glad i remember those dreams and i am glad i almost always remember them cause that means my mind is in a good place. The only time i can recall that i didn't remember my dreams was 3 years ago... ;)

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