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Five Post Rock songs that i love

If These Trees Could Talk - Malabar Front

I immediately fell in love with this song some 2 years ago when a friend of mine told me the band was good. It is simply incredible from beginning to end.

Mono - Yearning

Mono are a Japanese band that are unique in the way they play their music. Almost all of their songs follow the same path beginning slowly, climbing gradually to great heights and fall again to the slow sad tempo they began with. They are truly incredible in their live performances where their music takes on a different more intimate and emotional face.

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Sleep pt1
Godspeed You Black Emperor - Sleep pt2
Godspeed You Black Emperor - Sleep pt3
Godspeed You Black Emperor - Sleep pt4

A 20 minute long epic track from Godspeed You Black Emperor the band they say started the whole post-rock movement. The song begins slowly and builds up to an incredible ending.

The Evpatoria Report - Mithridate

From their second album called Maar comes this incredible track that i have listened to on repeat countless times...

Lone Wolf and Cub - Shinguard Explosion

From their only album called Wonder, Is Ground On Frost. LWAC gave me here a song that i listen and can only smile even when i am down. It have also associated it with a couple of very good moments of my life and i will never forget them as long as i listen to this song.


Fortunes Fool said...

I've never heard of any of the! :( But I'll def check them out! Thanks for sharing.

thepavl said...

you're welcome! ;)

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