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5 The Gathering songs...


My favorite from the album How To Measure A Planet which i think is their best.

I wish you knew
your music was to stay forever
And I hope....

Black Light District pt1

Black Light District pt2

The song from the EP with the same name is absolutely great and one of the best songs they have written.

The bright light is the end of the black light district

A Life All Mine

The best song from the album Souvenirs with Garm from Ulver on vocals is an absolutely genius and emotional track.

'Cause I want something
Something all wrong done
A life instead of mere living


The song that made me fall in love with them. From their record Mandylion way back in 1995...

Now that you're gone I don't know
How to really feel inside
Baring the hope to see you again
I guess I never will

Probably Built In The Fifties

My second favorite from How To Measure A Planet. Simply an incredible song.

I have heard this mental search
has made them all
take a look along the border
Having the urge
For their minds
to be lifted
to something new
I'm running to meet
my higher self

Five songs are not enough to portray accurately this band so another list may follow... Until then enjoy...

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