A minimalistic masterpiece...

So i'm hanging out in my friend's apartment after a long night out. Listening to Daft Punk and trying to relax I try to find something to pass the time. His sister, an English teacher, gives me a Classroom Test 1a that ten year olds write. After looking at it for a bit just to feel smarter than them i get to the essay.

Writing: Describe your bedroom

has got a tv, a bed, a desk, a werdrobe, a lamp
it's colour is green
the desk is in the next to the bookcase
it's quite dig. The lamp is on the desk
The books is on the desk. The pillow is on the
sofa the computer is on the table. The
bedroom is modern

A minimalistic masterpiece that actually describes a room better than i would describe it. Is it something we are missing in our life? Getting to the point quickly rather than overthinking all the parameters?

And as i sit down and write this, having in me still all the drinks from last night i realise that the room i am in is modern...

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