A Tangerine Dream in a Green Desert

It was the first time i heard something like that. The massive expanse of sand dunes filled me with awe, strange like something i had never heard before. A style of music that formed images in my mind and made me remember things i hadn't experienced.

As the guitar slowly entered i saw her footsteps in the sand. Along the desert floor, they ran all the way to the start of a rocky outcropping. I was smilling as i moved forward, as i imagined my self happy walking in her footsteps. Closer and closer until i could see her face, as the wind stirred with the sounds of the synthesizer.

I put my hands on her face and kissed her soft lips. The drums signaled the beginning of our dance, our breathless kisses and hungry awkward movements. Faster and more erratic as each second passed. Our bodies sweating in the soft green light of the desert. Two lovers met after a long time, discovering each other again.

And then suddendly the drum slowed and gave way to a calm wind of music and we stayed each others arms.

That music in the air as we made love one night on the couch and she changed that song for me forever, as it had changed my perception of music when i first heard it all those years ago. And i owe part of the man i am now to it but i don't expect anyone to understand why. For me it will be a song  in the soundtrack of my life.

Tangerine Dream - Green Desert

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